Victims Support

Victims Support

Binaal Billa Community Support staff are professionally trained in Victims Services Support Applications and are able to assist survivors of family/domestic violence and sexual assault to complete these applications promptly.

Victims Services provides support to people who were victims of a violent crime in NSW through counselling, financial assistance and to help you recover from the psychological and emotional impacts of a crime.

Victims of these crimes who have been impacted psychologically and emotionally have the chance to apply for up to 22 hours of free counselling, this can be offered face to face, via the phone or Tele link. If they feel as though more time is needed to get counselling they can apply for extra hours when the 22 is almost finished, once approved for counselling there is no time limit in which it needs to be used.

Financial support is offered to help recover from loss of earnings, home goods and to ensure safety.
Immediate needs support offers $5,000.00 to aid in paying for urgent needs, and to increase safety within the home (e.g. – cameras and locks). If you have experienced economic loss due to the crime, then you can apply for reimbursement for what you would’ve earned over the period.

A recognition payment is also offered to victims of a violent crime that informs the victim that what was done to the is not okay and that it was a criminal offence, the amount received for this payment is based on the severity of the crime that was committed. You have to apply for this payment within 10 years of the incident occurring, if you were under the age of 18 when it occurred then you have 10 years from turning 18 to apply.

Please contact Binaal Billa on 02 6850 1234 for any further questions or assistance with completing applications.

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